Welcome to SeaHorse-Aviation Photography.


SeaHorse Aviation Photography is dedicated to aviation, under-water and panormic photography.


I took my first pictures in 1985. I was ten years old.

The first aircraft was a B707 from Belgian Airline Charter company : Sobelair.

I used a Kodak Ektra received from my first communion.

I was a little bit desapointed when I discovered the final result. It went worse when I forgot my camera in an aircraft the year after.

All started from that moment and I asked my parents a new camera for my "Saint-Nicolas". It was a Nikon FG-20 (reflex camera) with a 50mm.

Since than I continued to take photos everywhere I've been.

From Belgian Hesbaye (where I live) to California, from Maldives to Greece,

I had a lot of opportunities to practise my passion.


After being graduated as computer technician, I wanted to get my pilot license and in 2007 the dream came true.

Due to the cost to stay current and the low need of pilot at that moment,

I decided to take my camera back and I bought my first DSLR. A Nikon D70s. From that moment, my camera - actually a Nikon D-4 with different types of lenses and a D300s as backup- is always in my bag because you never know what can happended.


I actually work in an airport in Belgium (Liège Airport) which give me opportunities to see many differents types of aircraft coming from all over the world.

I also enjoyed going to airshows and military basis when I'm not diving.


I started this sport in 1983 with my father and my brother.

I did my first UW picture in 2000 with a Nikonos V equipped with 35 mm and

a SB-103 strobe.

Now I use - since 2010 - a Nikon D-60 / 18-55 mm in a Sea & Sea RDX-60 housing coupled with a Sea & Sea strobe YS-110 alpha.

I'm a diving and under-water photographer instructor.


Panoramic and 360° - virtual tour - photography are my last trials. This forced me to be again and again more accurate in my photo shootings.


Hope you will enjoy my world !